The popular Ibai Llanos and Central Lechera Asturiana have reached an agreement that will make the streamer an official brand ambassador for 2023.

The agreement

Principality of Asturias, December the 21st of 2022. Central Lechera Asturiana, a leading company in the dairy sector committed to wellness and health, has signed an agreement with the content creator Ibai Llanos. The aim of this alliance is to promote healthy eating among young people, highlighting the importance of milk as a lifelong food, a key part of the Mediterranean diet.

healthy food

What's within the framework of this agreement?

Ibai will promote a healthy style through its messages and will put it into practice in the first person by continuing the personal physical improvement plan that it started just over a month ago. With this challenge, Ibai wants to demonstrate how a healthy diet, of which dairy products form an essential part, together with physical exercise is the key to achieving it.

"I am happy that a company like Central Lechera Asturiana is by my side in the process of physical improvement in which I have been immersed for the last month"

Ibai Llanos

"Our purpose is to care for the health of consumers through our products, so I think it is important that people with the relevance and notoriety of Ibai, can educate and influence future generations making them see how important food is, and within it, dairy products, to maintain and improve the quality of life."

Juan Povedano, Marketing Director of Central Lechera Asturiana

The agreement was reached after strategic advice from Nexoom

A digital and experiential entertainment agency specialising in Esports, Gaming and Streaming Marketing, which has accompanied the parties throughout the process. This is a new agreement: due to its characteristics and the size of both players. Nexoom has driven all phases of the sponsorship: through data analytics; continuing with the valuation and projection of the partnership; and, finally, in the contractual negotiation.

About CAPSA food

Central Lechera Asturiana has been defending its natural origin for more than 50 years: its farmers, its cows, its meadows in Asturias and nature itself. In addition, since 2017 the brand has been committed to producing its products with 100% natural ingredients, free of artificial additives. This commitment is now even greater, as the brand has also tackled the elimination of added sugars and sweeteners in its products.

About Nexoom

Nexoom, European-based strategic entertainment marketing, and digital company within LiveStreaming, Esports, Gaming, Music & Sports ecosystem, is on a mission to become a global leader in interactive and experiential entertainment. Owner of ection, Nexoom has a portfolio of influencers generating millions of monthly views and partners with some leading entertainment companies globally. Headquartered in Switzerland, its team operates worldwide across different locations.


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