Whether you are a brand, content creator, games publisher or event holder, learn more below about how we can collaborate together.

Partnering with Nexoom

Partnering with us means gaining access to a global network, leveraging cutting-edge technology, staying on top of trends, and amplifying your brand’s exposure. Together, we can unlock new opportunities, captivate audiences, and shape the future of digital entertainment.

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Are you a Brand?

Partnering with Nexoom unlocks a multitude of benefits that set us apart in the digital entertainment landscape. Here’s why collaborating with our company is a game-changer.

Global Reach and Audience Engagement

With a vast network of influencers and millions of monthly views, we can connect your brands to creators with thriving communities on a global scale. By leveraging our extensive reach, we ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our in-house technology, combined with decades of experience from our team, empowers us to deliver exceptional results. We stay ahead of the curve, to create immersive and captivating digital experiences.

Tailored Solutions and Trend Awareness

We understand the importance of tailored strategies for success. By closely monitoring the latest trends, we ensure that our partners stay ahead of the competition. Our team combines their expertise with market insights to create customized solutions that meet your unique goals and brand objectives.

Amplified Brand Exposure

Partnering with us opens doors to new audiences and markets. We will help you engage with select target audiences, utilizing our comprehensive online and offline marketing infrastructure and expertise. This amplification of your brand exposure leads to increased visibility and recognition.

Are you a Creator?

Our team can help you monetize your content, find the right sponsorships and create a sense of community for your audience. Working with Nexoom as a creator offers you several benefits.

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We provide you with effective strategies to monetize your content and turn your passion into a profitable venture. Whether it's through ad revenue, merchandise sales, or subscription models, we help you unlock various revenue streams and maximize your earning potential.

Sponsorship/Partnership Opportunities

Our extensive network and industry connections allow us to connect you with relevant brands and secure valuable sponsorship or partnership opportunities. Collaborating with reputable brands not only brings financial benefits but also enhances your credibility and expands your reach to new audiences.

Community Growth

We understand the importance of building a strong and engaged community around your content. We provide you with tools and strategies to foster a sense of belonging and interaction among your audience. By nurturing a thriving community, you can cultivate loyal supporters who will amplify your message, contribute to your success, and attract new followers.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team offers expert guidance and personalized support to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of content creation. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, providing you with valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your content, improve your engagement, and achieve long-term success as a creator.

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Are you a Games Publisher or Event Holder?

Nexoom and its livestreaming platform offer several ways to enhance visibility and bring new marketing opportunities to you.

Promote Game Titles and Products

Utilize, our livestreaming platform to showcase and promote your different game titles and associated products. Livestreaming provides an interactive and engaging medium to connect with your audience, allowing you to demonstrate gameplay, share updates, and generate excitement around your offerings.

Engage with Challenges and Rewards

Take advantage of's features that enable you to create and implement various challenges and reward schemes. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also encourages participation and engagement from your community. By offering unique challenges and enticing rewards, you can attract new players, retain existing ones, and create a sense of excitement and competition.

Boost Visibility for Partners and Sponsors

With, you can provide increased visibility and exposure to your partners or sponsors. Showcase their brands, products, or services during livestreams, events, or in-game integrations. By leveraging our platform and your audience, you can offer valuable marketing opportunities for your partners, helping them reach a wider audience and enhance their brand recognition.

Create New Marketing Opportunities opens up new avenues for marketing and collaboration. By utilizing the platform, you can explore partnerships with influencers or content creators who can livestream and promote your games or events to their dedicated fan base. This expands your reach, taps into new audiences, and creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem where creators, publishers, and event holders can collaborate and thrive.

Nexoom’s Collaborative Approach:

We foster a collaborative environment and prioritize strong partnerships. Working together, we can achieve shared goals, deliver excellence to your projects, and mutually benefit from each other’s expertise.

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