Nexoom welcomes Alix Faguer

Nexoom Welcomes Alix Faguer as General Counsel

Nexoom is pleased to announce the appointment of Alix Faguer as General Counsel. With a distinguished background enriched by French and Italian cultures, Alix embodies a vast array of legal expertise, particularly in intellectual property and digital innovation.

Throughout her career, Alix has been at the forefront of legal challenges and innovations. Her journey from pioneering streaming service legality at Deezer to spearheading legal strategies at Gameloft Barcelona and then making significant legal contributions at FIFA showcases her ability to navigate complex digital and esports landscapes. Her leadership during pivotal events, including the FIFA World Cup and esports competitions, underscores her expertise and commitment to excellence.

Alix Faguer

Now joining Nexoom

Alix is set to leverage her extensive experience to further our mission of bridging brands, creators, and audiences in the dynamic digital entertainment sector. Her vision for navigating the evolving legal intricacies of esports and digital content is poised to strengthen our position at the cutting edge of the industry.

Joining Nexoom at a pivotal development stage presents a unique opportunity for me. As the General Counsel and a business partner for the team, I am committed to establishing a robust legal framework that aligns with Nexoom's commercial goals. My ultimate objective is to facilitate collaborations with partners and sponsors and to help design a legally sound streaming platform in the rapidly evolving digital and entertainment areas, subject to frequent regulatory changes.
Alix Faguer
Alix Faguer
General Counsel
We have made some excellent hires over the past year and Alix is another fantastic addition to our senior management team. Her arrival will further help propel Nexoom forward. With an exceptional reputation and strong background in all legal aspects of entertainment, I am certain her high-level knowledge of the industry and strategic approach will be invaluable to Nexoom during this rapid period of growth, and will help to accelerate on the opportunities that lie ahead.
Cristina Niculae
Nexoom CEO

Alix’s track record of navigating the complexities of digital and legal landscapes aligns perfectly with our mission to lead with creativity and integrity. We are excited to see the ways in which her contributions will enhance our team dynamics and help us serve our clients even more effectively.

Alix’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to fostering an engaging legal culture remind us that legal intricacies can be both fun and instrumental in driving innovation.

Welcome Alix!

Please join us in welcoming Alix Faguer to the Nexoom team, where her unique blend of resilience, innovation, and legal acumen will continue to shape the exciting future of digital entertainment. For any information or legal inquiries, she will be Nexoom’s main point of contact.

About Nexoom

Headquartered in Switzerland, Nexoom AG stands at the forefront of strategic digital entertainment. Our core mission is to play a role in shaping the future of entertainment through a unique blend of media, cutting-edge technology, innovative products and comprehensive online services. At the heart of our strategy lies a dedication to empowering creative talents, facilitating unparalleled connections between creators, viewers and brands on a global scale. 

Driven by a vision to inspire and make a positive difference globally, we have forged partnerships with premier companies across the globe. Our extensive network of influencers boasts an impressive reach, amassing nearly 1 billion views each month. Leveraging our proprietary technology, we curate unique experiences, ensuring they meet the right audience at the right moment.

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